Fees and Scholarships


Program Fee: € 15 500 Year

Students applying through EESP-FGV will pay their tuition fees in Brazilian reais, accordingly the exchange rate applicable at the time of enrolment.

Applications through Nova SBE

Enrollment becomes effective after the payment of €1.500 non-refundable fee, to be deducted from the program tuition fee. No exceptions or late payments will be accepted.

The fee is charged in two identical installments of €7.750 per semester. The enrollment fee of €1.000 paid in the Application Process is deducted from the first installment.


Applications are submitted at the same time as the program application, based on the following:

  1. Contribution to student life and community in previous academic studies
  2. Extracurricular activities and social engagement
  3. Academic achievements

The decision is communicated at the same time as acceptance to the program.

The award of the merit scholarship is conditional to the academic achievement during the first semester, meaning that only students above the class semester GPA will be awarded the tuition waiver. Thus, the reduction is only applied to the amount due in the second installment.